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  Managed and created by famous chef  
  Lakhi Dosanjh  
  who has served in Scotland & Canada  
Monday to Friday
11:30am-2:30pm $12.99
Monday to Thursday
4:30pm-9pm $14.99
4:30pm-10pm $15.99
12pm-10pm $15.99
4:30pm-9pm $15.99


House Specialities
Chicken | Lamb | Prawn / Goat / Beef $ 13.99
King Prawn : $ 16.99
- Chasni: a light, smooth creamy sauce with a delicate twist of sweet & sour for those with a delicate palate.
- Jaipuri: A potent fusion of peppers, onion, ginger, garlic, green chilies and a touch of coconut simmered in exotic Jaipuri spices.
- Jalfrezi: Ginger garlic aromatic indian spices, crunchy almonds, cashews, sultanas and a flourish of fresh and coconut cream.
- Karahi bhoona: A host of spices sauteed karahi style in a rich tarka base with an abundance of capsicum and onions.
- Tikka Masala: a mouth-watering marinade of exotic Punjabi spices, garlic ginger, cumin, capsicum and onions, simmered in a home made yogurt sauce.
- Pardesi: Suculent spinach, shallow fried onion and mashrooms simmered in a rich ginger and garlic tarka.
- Balti: Tantalising tandoori spices, Kabli Chana (tangy chick peas) a flourish of fresh creamy yougurt and a soupcon of achari mixed pickle for that extra bite.
- Pasanda: mild and creamy with abundance of almond powder to drive you nuts.
- Jalandhri: A potent fusin of ginger, garlic, onions, peppers, coconut cream and fresh herbs sauteed in spicy chilli sauce.
- Makhni Masala: a touch of ginger, garlic and almond powder shallow fried and simmered in yougurt and fresh cream with a sprinkling of spring onions.
- Vandaloo (Spicy) : Simmered in tangy curry sauce with rare spices & potato. A famous fiery goan specialities.
- Chilli Chicken: Our chef's speciality-Tender boneless pieces of chicken cooked in spices chinese style.
- Butter Chicken: Boneless pieces of chicken breast barbequed in tandoor & cooked with tomatoes, butter creamy gravy.
- Chicken Tikka Lababdar: Boneless pieces of chicken breast barbequed in tandoor & cooked with tomatoes, onions and creamy gravy.
- Madras (Spicy): Bonelss pieces of chicken cooked with coconut cream and fennel and mustard seeds.
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Chicken | Lamb | Prawn / Goat / Beef : $ 12.99
King Prawn : $ 15.99
- Muglai korma: a sumptuously creamy sauce. - Ceylonese Korma: with lashings of creamed coconut.
- Ceylonese Korma: with lashings of creamed coconut.
- Traditional Korma: a delicate creamy sauce.
- Kashmiri Korma: delicately spiced and fruity with plenty of yogurt and cream.
- Chicken Kofta: Chicken meatball cooked with onions, tomato sauce and a touch of Indian spices.
- Traditional Curry: The original classic on which the curry craze was born.
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