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  Managed and created by famous chef  
  Lakhi Dosanjh  
  who has served in Scotland & Canada  
Monday to Friday
11:30am-2:30pm $12.99
Monday to Thursday
4:30pm-9pm $14.99
4:30pm-10pm $15.99
12pm-10pm $15.99
4:30pm-9pm $15.99


...continuation Vegeterian
- Musroom Mattar $ 9.99 - A delicious blend of peas, mushrooms in a tomato and onion gravy.
- Aloo Gobi Mattar $ 8.99 - A combination of cauliflower and peas, a very tradicional curry, potatoes can be added on request.
- Paneer Jalfrez i$ 9.99- Ginger garlic aromatic Indian spices, crunchy almons cashews, sultanas and a flourish of fresh cream and coconut cream
- Paneer Karahi Bhoona $ 9.99- A ost of spices sauteed karahi style in a rich tarka base with an abundance of capsicum and onions.
- Paneer Tikka Masala $ 9.99- A mouth-watering marinade of exotic Punjabi Spices, Garlic Ginger, Cumin, simmered in a home made yogurt sauce of capsicum and onions
- Vegetable Kohlapuri $ 9.99- Combination of garden mixed vegetables and paneer, Hot and Spicy with cashews, onions and tomato gravy.
- Shahi Pancer $ 9.99 - Delicious homemade cheese, cashew and tomatoes.
- Baingan Patiala $ 9.50 - Diced eggplant tempered with peas and simmered with fresh herbs and nuts.
- Mushroom Masala $ 9.50 - Chopped Mushrooms stir fried with authentic spices.
- Bhartha $ 9.99 - Mashed eggplant with green peas.
- Kadi Pakora $ 8.99 - Fried vegetable fritters cooked in yogurt with spices.
- Bhindi Do Piazza $ 9.99 - Okra stir fried with juliennes of onions and tomatoes.
- Sarso ka Sagg $ 9.99 - A famous rich tasty punjabhi dish.
- Palak Pancer $ 9.99 - Cubes of home made cottage cheese with onion, chopped spinach and cooked with india spices.
- Aloo Jeera $ 7.99 - Potatoes cooked in Indian spices.
- Mixed Vegetables $ 9.99- Combination of garden mixed vegetables.
- Paneer Bhurgi $ 10.99- A tasty dish cooked w/scrambled cheese & peas.
- Zuccini Masala $ 8.99- Chopped Zuccini stir fried w/ authentic spices
- Dal Tarka $ 8.99- Home made yellow lentil with masaledar tarka
- Chili Paneer $ 10.99- Our Chef's speciality. Pieces of paneer cooked in spices Chinese Style, Vegetable Korma, Garden Vegetable and Paneer with delicate creamy sauce.
- Vegetable Korma $ 9.99- Garden Vegetables and Paneer with delicate creamy sauce
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